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October 2008-TelecomView Study Identifies Carrier Transformation Strategies for 2020 Networks and Services

April 2008-New Study Identifies New Strategies for U.S. Cable Companies to Address Competition from IPTV

February 2008-New Study Measures Wireline Broadband Opportunities for Service Providers and Systems Companies

September 2007-New Study Measures TelcoTV Opportunities for Service Providers and Systems Companies

May 2007-New Study Finds Optical Networking is the Answer to TelcoTV Networking Woes

April 2007-New Study Finds TelcoTV Will Hold Its Own Against Internet TV

February 2007-New Study Identifies How Smart Radio Technology will Multiply the Digital Dividend

February 2007-New Study Finds A Combination of Technologies Required to Make Mobile TV Services Profitable

June 2006-New Study Finds Fixed WiMAX Gaining a Strong Foothold

February 2006-New Study Finds WiMAX will Wedge its way into the 3G Market

July 2005-New Topics Show How Fixed Voice Services Must Change

February 2005-New Study Finds 3G Will Fuel Future Mobile Growth

December 2004-New Study Finds WiMAX will Horn In on 3G Data Market


TelecomView analysts quoted in the press.

WiMAX Will Horn In on 3G Data Market. Reported in

WiMax offers 'better value' than 3G. Reported in VNU Net

TelecomView Study Says WiMAX to be Significant in Mobile Market. Reported in TMC Net

3G will fuel future mobile growth. Reported in

WiMAX could damage 3G prospects - report. Reported in Cellular Newsass

WiMAX to steal 3G and DSL market share. Reported in The Register

Will VoIP really drive convergence? Reported in ZDNet

3G-WiMax showdown looms. Reported in Computer World