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Larribeau Associates can help you develop business strategies that will address the significant data-oriented opportunities that will appear as the telecommunications industry recovers. Specifically, we can help with:

  • Product and service strategies that ensure the development of new products and services that address real market opportunities with leading products. Product and service strategies include identifying the target market, defining market or services requirements, and creating the specifications for a winning product or service.
  • Market strategies that define the message that will ensure the successful introduction and marketing of a new product. This includes defining the key attributes of the product that will be important to the market and creating a communications strategy that leverages these key attributes and creates brochures, data sheets, white papers, and other collateral items that carry this message.
  • Market research and market analysis that will provide the information needed to understand where a particular market is going and to create and adapt strategies to these realities.
  • Due diligence to evaluate the potential return from an investment in a company by analyzing its products against the markets they are addressing and defining strengths and weaknesses as well as the obstacles to success. 
  • Markets covered include access, switching and routing, voice over IP, and fixed and mobile wireless.