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Now that I have retired from being a Telecom Analyst, I have shifted the emphasis of this web site to personal matters. I have created a web site for the early California artist, Alice B. Chittenden. She was my great grandmother and lived in San Francisco from 1859 to 1944. She was an instructor at the California School of Fine Arts in San Francisco for almost 50 years and when a number of medals for her work. Click here to see the Wikipedia article about her.

The painting at the right is a large piece that hung in my parents' living room for many years. It was donated to the Oakland Museum in 2003. Click here to see many more examples of her work along with information about her life.

I have been studying music since I retired in 2009. I have taken classes on harmony, musicianship, and the piano.Click here to listen to some of the music that I have written. I will add to this page as I write more music.

Click at the following links for information about my activities at my two companies Larribeau Associates and TelecomView. I also wrote Multimedia Research Companies reports on IPTV from 2001 through 2005. The Larribeau Associates site includes U.S. network statistics including ISDN deployments. The TelecomView site includes several white papers summarizing its reports.

I also have created three blogs:

Telco IPTV View started off as a blog that supported my researches into the Telco IPTV market. More recently it documents my experience with bringing over the top Internte TV content to my TV using my Vizio VBR231 blu-ray player and my TiVo DVR.

Nokia N8 View discusses my experiences with my Nokia N8 smart phone.

Telecom 2020 View follows on from my report Telecom 2020: Transformation Strategies that gives my views on what the leading telecom networks will be like in the year 2020 in order to support the emergence of TV and other multimedia content using IP architectures.


I have also gather extensive information about my family, including:

  • the Larribeaus and the Larribaus from the area of France near Oloron Ste. Marie (in English et en Francais)
  • the Chittendens and Greens of New England
  • the Croniers of Pascagoula, Mississippi
  • the Lacombe's of Firmy, France

Send me an email if you are part of the family or have other interest and I will send you a link to this information.


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