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New Study Pinpoints Significant Opportunities for Packet-based Architectures in U.S. Incumbent Carrier Networks

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, September 5, 2002 – There are over 40,000 network locations in the U.S. incumbent carriers’ fiber plant that can support the deployment of new, packet-based network architectures". This is a major opportunity for equipment vendors, according to a newly published study by San Francisco-based Larribeau Associates. The study, Opportunities for New Data Architectures in U.S. Incumbent Service Provider Networks, analyzes fiber connections in U.S. incumbent carrier networks that can support packet-based technologies such as Next Generation SONET, Switched Gigabit Ethernet, Resilient Packet Ring (RPR), and Passive Optical Networks (PONs). All four of these architectures fit well into the incumbents’ networks, limited only by the availability of spare fibers and by the topology of the network.


"The U.S. incumbent carriers are a wide-open market for new data-based architectures," said Bob Larribeau, principal at Larribeau Associates. "These carriers must move to packet architectures because data is now the dominant traffic type on their networks. There is a large amount of fiber in the incumbents’ core and access networks today, which provides an excellent base for the new packet-based architectures." This new report estimates incumbent carrier fiber deployments across the United States, based on a detailed analysis of the fiber in Qwest’s 14-state network and a more general analysis of the other U.S. incumbent carriers’ networks. It estimates the size of the U.S. incumbents’ core networks and access networks, including the number of nodes that are interconnected by mesh and ring topologies as well as direct point-to-point links.The report also details the number of high-speed fiber-based services—including DS-3 and SONET services—that U.S. incumbents have installed, as well as the rate of growth for these services. "The current growth rate of 35 percent per year for services at DS-3 speeds and higher demonstrates the strong demand for fiber-based services," added Larribeau. "By deploying new packet-based architectures, the incumbent carriers can provide new high-speed services that are more flexible and more efficient than those offered today."


This report is part of Larribeau Associates’ market analysis and strategic consulting services. For more information about this report or other services, contact Larribeau Associates at (415) 241-9920, e-mail, or visit the company’s website at

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Larribeau Associates provides market analysis and strategic consulting services for telecommunications service providers and systems manufacturers with a focus on both access and switching and routing technologies. We help our clients to understand the changes that are affecting the telecommunications and data communications industries and leverage the opportunities created by these changes. Larribeau Associates was formed by Bob Larribeau who has had broad experience in the computer and telecommunications industry and has been a leader in the deployment of broadband technology in the U.S.