Bob Larribeau's Music


This page includes to music that I have composed.


Composition Class: Fall 2011

Here are the major projects from this class.

  1. Bossa Nova No. 1

A Bossa Nova piece based on the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim.


  1. Guajira No. 1

A Cuban piece based on music my daughter plays as part of Chus Alonso's Pontingue group.


  1. Hell House

A movie score for a horror movie in which a little girl has moved with her family to a ramshackle Victorian mansiion in the country. She is playing alone in her room when she finds a doll. Things go well at first, but they end very badly for her.


  1. Cookin' it Up

A jazz theme based on the music of Horace Silver and Art Blakey.


  1. Diminished Flute

A modern string quarted based on a pentatonic melody from a diminished scale.


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