Alice Brown Chittenden

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Flowers and Scenery


Roses in Wheelbarrow
68” x 34" 1893

This is a major painting by Alice Chittenden that hung in my parents dining room for about 50 years. It was donated to the Oakland Museum in 2003. Apparently it is no longer being displayed there and its current location is unknown to us

Baby Blue Eyes
Memophil Menziesii
Wildflower once common
in San Francisco
Oil 15” x 12” ND
Roses from Alice Virginia Larribeau’s
garden on Sadowa Street
12 1/2” x 16 3/8" 1944
Yellow Roses
Green Vase was Alice B.
Chittenden's wedding present


Wedding Present to Roberta,
granddaughter of Carrie Louise
Taylor (nee Chittenden), Alice
B. Chittenden's sister.

Oil 16" x 20"
Irises and Roses
circa 1920's

Roses for garden on
Octavia Street
Oil 12"x14" before 1906

Yellow Roses
Oriental Poppies
Oil circa 1920's

Oil 12"x14"
Roses Roses
20" x 16"

Peonies and Lily of the Valley
12" x 16"

Red Roses
Oil 12 3/4" x 18"

Flowers Bouquet
Yellow Daisies and Blue Delphiniums
Oil 12" x 16"

24" x 14" 1885
From a brochure by
the Garzoli Gallery
California Historical Society

Flower painting by Alice B. Chittenden's friend Dora Williams, born in 1929, whose husband was
Alice B. Chittenden's teacher at the Art School

Roses Poppies